Placement Consultant

Placement Consultant
Has finding the right candidate for a job profile become difficult for you? If yes, then you should avail our services now. At Career Club Consultancy And Management Services, we are engaged in providing excellent placement consultancy services to the organizations across Nashik (Maharashtra) and Pan India.

Owing to our years of experience and vast database of potential job aspirants, we have been able to provide both domestic placement and overseas placement. Be it the marketing industry or construction industry, we can help you in getting the right candidates for any job post in any industry.

Are you challenged with
  • Dearth of Day-one Ready Resources?
  • Difficulty in gearing up to customer needs in time?
  • Lack of appropriate support from partners?
  • Recruitment partners lacking relevant technical and domain expertise?
  • Screening huge volumes of low-quality / fake CVs?
  • Very poor CV-to-Hire hit ratio?
  • High turn-around time?
  • High recruitment cost?
  • Wrong Hires and Increased Frustration?

Why us?
  • Hassle free Recruitment
  • Wide range of Staffing and Training methodologies
  • Reliable in providing unmatched quality service, the right time ΓΆ€“ every time
  • Knowledge of wide domains and rich experience with good industry connects

Our Edge:
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Competency Assessment and certification

Modes of Staffing
  • Campus-to-Corporate
  • Source-Train-Deploy
  • Source and Deploy

Modes of Staffing

Modes of Staffing

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